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Academia Mania! April 24, 2009

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Two months from now and i might be writing the last exam of my student life!*(this has a “conditions apply” tag :D) and so i thought its time for some introspection about how my student life was. I am categorizing this into 3 areas:
1) School life:
a) Was a complete geek!
b) dont remember ever being scolded by teachers for anything!
c) Was usually always amongst the toppers *( most times…till math meant suicide in marks!)
d) saw loads of cartoons!
e) Not many friends…even now not in good contact with any of them!
f) danced just twice on annual days in entire 12 years
g) was never noticeable until i won some competition
h) was at the bottom of the sporting events! *( i am a disgrace to my mom!) except when i won in threading the beads in UKG!:D
i) very stoopid ordinary days!
j) would like to forget all the school days!

2) College life (till bachelors):
a) Was a complete geek!
b) i remember being scolded by 2 teachers for bunking!!:D
c) Was always among the toppers for the 3 yrs![:D]
d) still saw loads of cartoons and got hooked onto FRIENDS and Etc stuff!
e) Too many friends!!!( a group of 8 gals!!)
f) Never danced …actually ran away from dancing scenes many times in case that pple dragged me onto the dance floors!):D
g) Was very noticeable for my seminars and marks!! and also for organizing competitions, being amongst the only 4 to participate in them and then win prizes in them! *( i LOVE THE TETRATRIX GROUp) *(thanks u guys for the support! sob!)

h) Was still at the bottom of sporting events *( unless u dont count running behind buses (BEST! :x) , running away from teachers when v bunked lecs, hiding behind the lab work tables after mixing some really reactive chemicals!*( not my mistake…we wanted the water to look like wine!):D
i) Superb Fun days! *( ah …i miss dem!)
j) Would love to relive all of dem!
k) Developed my singing talents to great levels! *( was known as the juke box of the chemistry lab)
l) Loved doing solid TP and some bird watching ( ;)]with the TETRATRIX!
m) Had crazy ideas for HYDROGENE : The dream of the TETRATRIX…
n) Amazing time being geeky at TIFR!! [:D]

3) College Life (postgrad):
a) shifted to Bangalore!
b) not so much of a geek…..*( :D)
c) still havent been scolded by teachers personally..( ok just once…but no fault of mine!)
d) well…not so much of a topper…however am in the top 5-10 😦
e)Still many friends!
f) Danced and danced…*( at home and my wedding… a lil bit not much!)
g) still noticeable for my seminars!! πŸ˜€
h) still no luck on sporting events!
i) good memorable days!
j) Still in da juke box mode!;)
k) Still doing TP and bunking and in general having fun![:D]
l) Still have loads of crazy ideas!
m) Got married … and having the time of my life! πŸ˜€
n) Enjoying with everyone… multi state fun![:D]

So …lets hope academic life doesnt end here… *( please Pretty God please…gimme a PhD seat!) πŸ˜€


One Response to “Academia Mania!”

  1. Sooraj Says:

    I am your God. And I say “Amen !” πŸ˜‰

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