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Of the Sun, the Moon and their Sky! June 1, 2009

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Now, I have planned a pretty  good post this time…however, since its gonna be a photoblog and considering i simply carry my damned 1.3 megapixel camera phone around…I havnt been able to get all the photos…so since my hands are itching to write something will write! So here goes:
5 things I LOVE about my better half:-
1) Calmness: He’s by far the most calm person i have seen yet in my life! Its amazing how he can keep his cool even when he has to handle all my hyper mood swings… 😀 and considering he’s a total teetotaller..thats really something…*(Will have to check his ears doh .maybe he puts cotton plugs and hence the calmness towards all my blahing… ):D
2) Humour: That is one thing I knew the moment we first interacted… He can make anyone laugh and in any situation! Rj’s,Pjs Djs he has them all..*( Pj’s: Poor jokes and Dj’s: Daridra jokes and Rj’s: Really good jokes!)
3) Tolerance: Ah! that is one of the best qualities a person can have… and hubbie darling has it bhar bhar ke… be it in tolerating my cooking day in and day out or my bahanas to miss gym sessions or all my seriosuly rubbish reasons to join a library or this and that…*(I need to check his little black book and see how many women made him this tolerant!;))
4) Determination: Oh yes…even post -leg op he still plays cricket and considering he tried to break the leg again…and still plays cricket with a runner… a watchmans grand salute!*( anybody who has watched the Dance India Dance Tv show will know what a watchman’s salute is…and if u dont…ask in comments!):D
5) Muscle Man: yup yup yup…muscle power all the way…even the tummy fat..still muscle! :P*( sadly however much i try… he doesnt clean stains like the Mr. Muscle stain remover…actually he doesnt clean anything at all)!:D
6) And some things that cant be categorized like: Reading Tinkle…yup! And we r loving it..*( see…the library membership does have its advantages.. ) and etc etc etc…

Now since I believe in the BALANCE of things… I will also list out things That I dont like so much about my better half:
1) LAziness*
2) laziness*
3) Laziness*
4) Laziness*
5) Laziness*

* means LAziness only in helping me around the house…Its still just 12 steps from the Couch to the Kitchen.. !!!:D


5 Responses to “Of the Sun, the Moon and their Sky!”

  1. Sooraj Says:

    Hey really cool blog, loved the humor in it. So revenge baabu strikes, eh?
    Grrr..Watchman’s salute. That is available for everyone free of cost.. I deserve something better..:P
    Points 2 to 6, I shall remain the same whole life.. Point 1 depends on you and my own mood swings 😉 😛

  2. Davis Says:

    you’re a very lucky (and very funny) person

  3. poonish Says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. Vasanti Says:

    My son-in-law is a gem of a person and my daughter is spreading lies about him! B-)

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