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Bantering Blabber! September 26, 2009

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Sooo, its been quite a week and how! Why, u ask?! Thine question shall be answered in numbered format..*( I read somewhere that writing on ur blogspot in a bullet format increases blog views..hee hee..lemme see ;))
1) Finally completed Post graduation in Biotechnology..WOOHOO!!
2) Am now truly jobless except of course for being a housewife..*(close to the desperate ones..:P) which in turn is a full-time job!
3) I am getting to know the ways of this world of ours! No one wants to give me a job…sigh! FRESHERS NOT ALLOWED!BAH!
4) My scooter is indeed a friend in need! I have explored places of our garden city all this week on this reliable Scooty dear of mine…aaah..this is LOVE!
5) Try n try but dont cry has remained my motto on this job hunt!
6) I now know U.P.C means : Under Postal Certification..this after I threatened a post office lady that i will not leave that post office unless she told me what exactly U.P.C is and how to go about getting my application for a national-level exam posted under U.P.C. *(btw am now not allowed on that post office premises any more…bah! no sense of humor! sha!) ūüė° :O Why aint there an enquiry terminal in place ?
7) My cell..ooh my lovely cell finally ..sob![:(] is not with us anymore..I mean physically its still with me..but its soul..has left me..SOB! am now cell-less*(not the biological one…Prat!)
So..adios amigos..Wish me luck for my next week of Job-hunting!


Funny comic!:D

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Think before you blog!

Think before you blog!

Taking things toooo far

Taking things toooo far

Thanks blaugh for a good laugh!


Quizzing Queasiness! September 11, 2009

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Being jobless has its advantages…I can be online all day and do loads of time pass. Hey don’t judge me.. I also do some pretty serious stuff…I take a number of quizzes which allow me to know my inner self!! These quizzes are quite popular on this famous social networking site: Chehron ki Kitaab! I know pretty unusual name.. but then apna kya jaata hai?! [:D] So I now know I am gonna die on September 23rd, 2083 at 9.13 am at the age of 97!!! *(whoa…any remote possibility of hubbie darling thinking he can marry a new young bride is thwarted…I mean he will invariably be a 100 years old…and the only woman who would be interested in him at that time would surely have to be an archaeologist…Evil laughter rings through..MUHAHHAA) and the reason for my death will be: a shot by a robber at my convenience store! Hmm..I mean if at the age of 97 ..I have to still go to a convenience store to do my own shopping…well…this will simply show how unsuccessful am going to be in my life…I can tell.. Because even at the age of 23, I am averse to the idea of doing my own shopping…at the age of 97..HALLELUIAH! Anyways, let’s see that after the young age of 90.

Moving on‚ĶI also know where I should be living 5 years from now‚ĶFrankly I myself don‚Äôt know where I will be tomorrow‚Ķbut Chehron ki kitaab sure does! ūüėÄ Another thing I came to understand about myself‚Ķ I am a ‚Äúhigh heels ‚Äú person‚ĶGosh‚ĶThough out of the 21 pairs of footwear I own, 15 have varied lengths of high heels, I actually realized that through a quiz! Wow‚Ķ
Then I took a quiz on my birth date… It actually gave the real meaning of the birth date…for me the number being 27! Fascinating… If only I knew about this in school…I would actually pass Math exams with flying colors…Math would actually make sense. For eg.,
Q1) What is 23+ 4?
Ans) *(mine prior to knowing the real meaning of numbers) 27
However, seeing my grades in math, am sure this is not the completely correct answer.. After the quiz, my answer will be:
you have an attractive and vibrant personality. You are a social animal and like to party. You make new friends very easily. You are known for your good sense of humor. At times, you are very obstinate. You can forgive but you not forget easily. In your love life, you tend to be choosy in your search for the perfect partner!
The teacher would actually let out a whoop of joy!
Imagine what the answers would be in high school where there would also be myriad types of equations to solve. Mind boggling!! Literally! ūüėÄ
Then there are quizzes like ‚Äúhow many kids will u have?‚ÄĚ which had me in splits! I mean‚Ķits now a days not up to the couple to decide‚Ķbut your networking site will!!! *(hubbie has a strange look in his eyes even as I type this!) lol!!
Another thing that amazes me is‚ĶHow do even the most brilliant people on earth know what color fits one best?*(apart from the skin color that is‚Ķapparently this quiz isn‚Äôt about one‚Äôs skin color‚ĶÔĀč) I mean ‚ĶI have clothes of a number of different colors‚Ķand they all fit me rather well. *(otherwise the tailor‚Äôs going to have to listen to some real nerve wrecking lecture !!) So though the quiz says RED‚Ķ My blue clothes fit me just as well and so do the green and the yellows and the blacks and the oranges etc etc‚Ķ
‚ÄúWhat will your last words be?‚ÄĚ the lappie screen in front of me lit up with these words‚Ķand I must say I was intrigued‚ĶResult: Tell my children I love them!
Oh well, considering that at the age of 97,I will die wearing red high heels by gunshot whilst doing my own shopping ‚Ķ I am more likely to say: ‚ÄúTell my children they are lazy and that I stole one of their heels!‚ÄĚ *(wink wink!) ūüėČ


The Week that is… September 9, 2009

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We are half-way through the week and quite a few incidents have already happened in our lives i.e., to say in the lives of hubbie n me. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Monday, the 7th of September. A week before the anniversary , hubbie n I had the following conversation:
Me: See how soon time flies? It will soon be a year for our wedding…Cant believe it…
Hubbie: Yes time does fly soon for people in power. *(Almost in a whispersing hush he adds) For the petty slaves, its been an agonizing year!
Me: Whats that? *(not quite catching the hushed whisper)
Hubbie: nothing sweetheart, simply endorsing your view of the airborne time.
Me: *(with a faraway look in my eye or atleast that’s what I thought I was implying to hubbie) What special should we plan? I mean it has to be special doesn’t it? First year n all..u know…
Hubbie: *(with a concerned look) has something gone into your eye? Yes we will do anything u want…. Why don’t u wash the eye once… maybe that fungus infection u had is coming back…
Me: *(with an annoyed look) no am fine , the eye is fine …everything is fine…Why cant u just for once take the responsibility of making the day special..?!
Hubbie: *( backing off a step or two..) Sure honey, I will plan . So just give me an outline of what u have in mind…I can take it from there..
Me: *( wiggling one of my eyebrows ) Yay!! Finally … Well maybe we could eat out at some place we haven’t been too in a long time…something special…
Hubbie: (nodding his approval)
Me: *(Again with what I thought to be the mystic faraway look) We could be all by ourselves and it could be a romantic day…and try something we haven’t done before..
Hubbie: *(enthusiastically) Oh yes!!! That’s a great idea …We could make it very memorable …
Me: *(Happy that I finally had hubbie interested in planning something special..also gave myself a pat on the back…Watching all that chic-lit crap was finally paying off dividends..Maybe I could finally have the day as all those movie romances have…being swept off my feet etc etc…) Yeah…Oh…am so excited…
Hubbie:*( a lil tooo enthusiastically) And I know the perfect place tooo
Me: *( with a gleeful smile on my face) where where?
Hubbie: Shanti Sagar!!! It’s the perfect place… not too pricey or too cheap…we could have a wonderful dinner there …just u n me,…
Me: *(With my jaw open…It takes time for something like this to sink in) ????? ????? ???? *(still completely non-plussed)
Hubbie: yes…I know you would love it…what hey what are you doing…hey stop!!! No need of being violent…Hey…u should join Anger management…hey…stooooopppp..

I kept hitting him with whatever I could find in the kitchen at that time…Shanti sagar…of all the places!!! When am thinking of places like Chung wah, dominoes etc…Sheesh!!! MEN!!!
Anyways, Anniversay came and went…we ate at home..I as usual cooked! But we passed it pleasantly! Phew…
Anyway, saw an ad on TV the other day for the newest season of Bigg Boss. Big B has to do something with it…he keeps appearing on the ad as some kind of Bheesma pitamah for the viewers…the ad looks like the starting 5 mins of the Mahabharat serial..weird!
I am back to reading now… after a looooooonnng vacation which covered 4 states… the first pick being: Juggling Act…Author: Jug Suraiya…the book is a compilation of his writings in the TOI… Fantastic writer that he is…I have now come to use his articles to find English words unheard of…*( I then rote them by heart and parrot them out to irritate hubbie…hee hee :P) egs include:
1) Discombobulation
3)shibboleths and things like Beaujolas or boho or something that I cant even pronounce…let alone write it down!
*(the meaning? What does this look like to u? eh? A word-a-day blog?:P Go search in the dictionary…lazy bones!)
But nevertheless, an excellent read…solid tp …satirical as always…! Aahh satire…
I have transformed quite a lot this year *(many say hubbie effect is a bit more than they did like…:D ) well in a good way… changed loads of my dressing style…shed a lot of inhibitions…and well am liking myself a lot now…I could actually put up Before and After photos…like the ones they put in the paper…in the sections that no one reads…*( except me of course…I read the newspaper word to word…line to line…every dot of ink that is soaked into the paper…Well that’s how I get to know where the really good sales are on…:P) Unfortunately…This blog doesn’t have space for personal pics…maybe I could I put in on one of the millions of social networking sites that I somehow join in a haze of whats-it-called…hmm…something mentality…Another thought arises w.r.t Social networking sites: Why are they called Social Networking Sites when all they do is promote more anti-social behaviour? Who will wanna go out and meet friends when they can do so in the comfort of their own homes ? Ahh…its best left to them Chirkuts I guess…!!