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Quizzing Queasiness! September 11, 2009

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Being jobless has its advantages…I can be online all day and do loads of time pass. Hey don’t judge me.. I also do some pretty serious stuff…I take a number of quizzes which allow me to know my inner self!! These quizzes are quite popular on this famous social networking site: Chehron ki Kitaab! I know pretty unusual name.. but then apna kya jaata hai?! [:D] So I now know I am gonna die on September 23rd, 2083 at 9.13 am at the age of 97!!! *(whoa…any remote possibility of hubbie darling thinking he can marry a new young bride is thwarted…I mean he will invariably be a 100 years old…and the only woman who would be interested in him at that time would surely have to be an archaeologist…Evil laughter rings through..MUHAHHAA) and the reason for my death will be: a shot by a robber at my convenience store! Hmm..I mean if at the age of 97 ..I have to still go to a convenience store to do my own shopping…well…this will simply show how unsuccessful am going to be in my life…I can tell.. Because even at the age of 23, I am averse to the idea of doing my own shopping…at the age of 97..HALLELUIAH! Anyways, let’s see that after the young age of 90.

Moving on…I also know where I should be living 5 years from now…Frankly I myself don’t know where I will be tomorrow…but Chehron ki kitaab sure does! 😀 Another thing I came to understand about myself… I am a “high heels “ person…Gosh…Though out of the 21 pairs of footwear I own, 15 have varied lengths of high heels, I actually realized that through a quiz! Wow…
Then I took a quiz on my birth date… It actually gave the real meaning of the birth date…for me the number being 27! Fascinating… If only I knew about this in school…I would actually pass Math exams with flying colors…Math would actually make sense. For eg.,
Q1) What is 23+ 4?
Ans) *(mine prior to knowing the real meaning of numbers) 27
However, seeing my grades in math, am sure this is not the completely correct answer.. After the quiz, my answer will be:
you have an attractive and vibrant personality. You are a social animal and like to party. You make new friends very easily. You are known for your good sense of humor. At times, you are very obstinate. You can forgive but you not forget easily. In your love life, you tend to be choosy in your search for the perfect partner!
The teacher would actually let out a whoop of joy!
Imagine what the answers would be in high school where there would also be myriad types of equations to solve. Mind boggling!! Literally! 😀
Then there are quizzes like “how many kids will u have?” which had me in splits! I mean…its now a days not up to the couple to decide…but your networking site will!!! *(hubbie has a strange look in his eyes even as I type this!) lol!!
Another thing that amazes me is…How do even the most brilliant people on earth know what color fits one best?*(apart from the skin color that is…apparently this quiz isn’t about one’s skin color…) I mean …I have clothes of a number of different colors…and they all fit me rather well. *(otherwise the tailor’s going to have to listen to some real nerve wrecking lecture !!) So though the quiz says RED… My blue clothes fit me just as well and so do the green and the yellows and the blacks and the oranges etc etc…
“What will your last words be?” the lappie screen in front of me lit up with these words…and I must say I was intrigued…Result: Tell my children I love them!
Oh well, considering that at the age of 97,I will die wearing red high heels by gunshot whilst doing my own shopping … I am more likely to say: “Tell my children they are lazy and that I stole one of their heels!” *(wink wink!) 😉


2 Responses to “Quizzing Queasiness!”

  1. Sooraj Says:

    if u me across a quiz.. how many hair on your head, lemme know.. i wanna tell them.. I dont need your facebook analysis to tell me mine 😛
    By the way, Obama has asked american teenagers to cut down facebook crap

  2. Sandeep Says:

    hilarious …. 😀

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