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Bantering Blabber! September 26, 2009

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Sooo, its been quite a week and how! Why, u ask?! Thine question shall be answered in numbered format..*( I read somewhere that writing on ur blogspot in a bullet format increases blog views..hee hee..lemme see ;))
1) Finally completed Post graduation in Biotechnology..WOOHOO!!
2) Am now truly jobless except of course for being a housewife..*(close to the desperate ones..:P) which in turn is a full-time job!
3) I am getting to know the ways of this world of ours! No one wants to give me a job…sigh! FRESHERS NOT ALLOWED!BAH!
4) My scooter is indeed a friend in need! I have explored places of our garden city all this week on this reliable Scooty dear of mine…aaah..this is LOVE!
5) Try n try but dont cry has remained my motto on this job hunt!
6) I now know U.P.C means : Under Postal Certification..this after I threatened a post office lady that i will not leave that post office unless she told me what exactly U.P.C is and how to go about getting my application for a national-level exam posted under U.P.C. *(btw am now not allowed on that post office premises any more…bah! no sense of humor! sha!) 😑 :O Why aint there an enquiry terminal in place ?
7) My cell..ooh my lovely cell finally ..sob![:(] is not with us anymore..I mean physically its still with me..but its soul..has left me..SOB! am now cell-less*(not the biological one…Prat!)
So..adios amigos..Wish me luck for my next week of Job-hunting!


Funny comic!:D

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Think before you blog!

Think before you blog!

Taking things toooo far

Taking things toooo far

Thanks blaugh for a good laugh!


Of the Sun, the Moon and their Sky! June 1, 2009

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Now, I have planned a prettyΒ  good post this time…however, since its gonna be a photoblog and considering i simply carry my damned 1.3 megapixel camera phone around…I havnt been able to get all the photos…so since my hands are itching to write something will write! So here goes:
5 things I LOVE about my better half:-
1) Calmness: He’s by far the most calm person i have seen yet in my life! Its amazing how he can keep his cool even when he has to handle all my hyper mood swings… πŸ˜€ and considering he’s a total teetotaller..thats really something…*(Will have to check his ears doh .maybe he puts cotton plugs and hence the calmness towards all my blahing… ):D
2) Humour: That is one thing I knew the moment we first interacted… He can make anyone laugh and in any situation! Rj’s,Pjs Djs he has them all..*( Pj’s: Poor jokes and Dj’s: Daridra jokes and Rj’s: Really good jokes!)
3) Tolerance: Ah! that is one of the best qualities a person can have… and hubbie darling has it bhar bhar ke… be it in tolerating my cooking day in and day out or my bahanas to miss gym sessions or all my seriosuly rubbish reasons to join a library or this and that…*(I need to check his little black book and see how many women made him this tolerant!;))
4) Determination: Oh yes…even post -leg op he still plays cricket and considering he tried to break the leg again…and still plays cricket with a runner… a watchmans grand salute!*( anybody who has watched the Dance India Dance Tv show will know what a watchman’s salute is…and if u dont…ask in comments!):D
5) Muscle Man: yup yup yup…muscle power all the way…even the tummy fat..still muscle! :P*( sadly however much i try… he doesnt clean stains like the Mr. Muscle stain remover…actually he doesnt clean anything at all)!:D
6) And some things that cant be categorized like: Reading Tinkle…yup! And we r loving it..*( see…the library membership does have its advantages.. ) and etc etc etc…

Now since I believe in the BALANCE of things… I will also list out things That I dont like so much about my better half:
1) LAziness*
2) laziness*
3) Laziness*
4) Laziness*
5) Laziness*

* means LAziness only in helping me around the house…Its still just 12 steps from the Couch to the Kitchen.. !!!:D



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A -Amnesia : (noun) It refers to frequent loss of memory encountered while writing an exam. πŸ˜€

B- Boiling point : (noun) The highest temperature of anger reached by parents on seeing the state o the house as kept by their children.*(past experience of boiling points have not been good!) 😦

C- Capillary action : (noun) The mechanism of steady flow of water from the bathroom floor towards the door mat thus causing a perfectly good and new cloth door mat to spoil and be used as a rag thenceforth. 😦

D- Diversity : (noun) The place or city made up of people who are all divers. πŸ˜€

E- Ecosystem : ( noun) The system in which every sound is made to echo all the time. πŸ˜›

F- Fluid mosaic model : The concept of fluids tending to run indiscriminately on just cleaned mosaic surfaces, thus making it harder to keep a home neat and clean.

G- Gravitational force : (noun) The physical force that causes one to drop things. *(any glassware broken aint no mistake of mine).

H- Heredity : (noun) The phenomenon which is the root cause of all flaws and evils in an organism passing from one generation onto the next. *( my children will be terribly evil… beware!) πŸ˜‰

I- Immunity : (noun) A social group of any size whose members are immune to any kind of taunts, disgrace etc.

J- Jumping genes: (noun) The act of jeans jumping from the clothesline onto the floor below.

K- Karyotyping : ( noun) The art of typing while karaoke is going on in the background. πŸ˜›

L- Leucocyte : (noun) This signifies those land sites which are white in colour.

M- Molar extinction coefficient : (noun) The coefficient which gives the estimate of time left for one’s molars to go into extinction. Simply put this coefficient tells you how much time left before one has to put on dentures.:D

N- Nanotechnology: (noun) The technology which involves various techniques of saying no to people. An art on its own. The word finds its origin in english and hindi words for NO ie., “na” in hindi and “no” in english.

The words for O-Z will be available in the next part! Until then go look up for the proper meanings of the above words! πŸ˜€