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A -Amnesia : (noun) It refers to frequent loss of memory encountered while writing an exam. 😀

B- Boiling point : (noun) The highest temperature of anger reached by parents on seeing the state o the house as kept by their children.*(past experience of boiling points have not been good!) 😦

C- Capillary action : (noun) The mechanism of steady flow of water from the bathroom floor towards the door mat thus causing a perfectly good and new cloth door mat to spoil and be used as a rag thenceforth. 😦

D- Diversity : (noun) The place or city made up of people who are all divers. 😀

E- Ecosystem : ( noun) The system in which every sound is made to echo all the time. 😛

F- Fluid mosaic model : The concept of fluids tending to run indiscriminately on just cleaned mosaic surfaces, thus making it harder to keep a home neat and clean.

G- Gravitational force : (noun) The physical force that causes one to drop things. *(any glassware broken aint no mistake of mine).

H- Heredity : (noun) The phenomenon which is the root cause of all flaws and evils in an organism passing from one generation onto the next. *( my children will be terribly evil… beware!) 😉

I- Immunity : (noun) A social group of any size whose members are immune to any kind of taunts, disgrace etc.

J- Jumping genes: (noun) The act of jeans jumping from the clothesline onto the floor below.

K- Karyotyping : ( noun) The art of typing while karaoke is going on in the background. 😛

L- Leucocyte : (noun) This signifies those land sites which are white in colour.

M- Molar extinction coefficient : (noun) The coefficient which gives the estimate of time left for one’s molars to go into extinction. Simply put this coefficient tells you how much time left before one has to put on dentures.:D

N- Nanotechnology: (noun) The technology which involves various techniques of saying no to people. An art on its own. The word finds its origin in english and hindi words for NO ie., “na” in hindi and “no” in english.

The words for O-Z will be available in the next part! Until then go look up for the proper meanings of the above words! 😀


This twisted loony world!!! March 13, 2009

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Yep… It is and i object to it!! I had no idea life would be like this and no, i did not have any *conditions apply * tagged to me when i was born..(my mom vouches for that)!!! 😛
So whats making me rant and rave about life like this u ask?! ( ha..i always do it..gotcha!) Well its everything about life thats making me hyperventilate!!! 😀

First you are born crying and then 20 years later you are still crying! *(in my case people around me cry!!! :D) It rains when it shouldn’t!*(washed away all my carefully cleansed clothes) 😡 Untimely rains!!! Global warming and climatic changes…*(switch off the TV if u r reading this blog…where’s your GREEN conscience?!) And no… arent supposed to get spoilt when ur just a day old!!! *( do u expect me to feel…u lil pasteurized white fluid in a plastic packet!) And yes i hate them fungi too…they crop up everywhere and anywhere…just one lil forgetfulness on your side and there they are covering your food in all shapes and colours…you see one now…close your eyes and there you go ..another one pops out! And dont even get me started on dust…dust should be where its supposed to be…on the ground OUTSIDE my home…not randomly roaming about our home, in our balconies, on our book shelves *(hwo dare dust desecrate these pure divine things..books!!) and ON OUR TV!!! *(The TV is mine…LEAVE it alone!!!) 😉

But all in all… these provide me with opportunities to use my most favourite articles in the supermarket :THE CLEANING AGENTS!!! My trusted allies against the likes of these foul elements that intend to desecrate my home!! And so there I am …leading the crusade against these evil things!! I aint one to give up so easily…*(EVIL LAUGH…MUHAHAHAH). So to life i say…I demand that i be shown the fine print *( stamps feet for added effect!) and now i am off for a second round of cleaning, dusting, washing, throwing,some more dusting…*(walks away rambling on about dust!) 😛


Life, Murphy’s laws and Me… March 11, 2009

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My first post on this blog and i had to write about Murphy’s Laws. So here i go with a list of my own:
1) The chances of developing an allergy to a specific food stuff is directly proportional to one’s love for that food stuff.
2) If every thing seems to be going great today, tomorrow will be a catastrophic disaster.
3) If everything seems to be normal in your day today, chances are you are probably dead.
4) My life was going great until Murphy’s laws applied to me. 😉
5) In an exam, the minute you realise you know an answer, partial amnesia sets in. 😀
6) If the house seems clean today, then the sinks and drains will regurgitate.
7) If a lab practical isnt goin well, its a sure sign that am involved.
8) The thinner you want to be, the fatter you will become!!
9) You will break your leg the day before you leave for your honeymoon. 😉
10) The chances of unexpected visitors dropping in at home is directly proportional to how clean the house is. The dirtier it is, the more the probability of them arriving.
11) When you sleep in class, a chalk piece will hit you.
12) The more you expect an event to succeed, greater will be the chances of it failing!! 😀
13) In an argument, the more you argue, the more is the probability of you being proved wrong!
14) If you have left a small insignificant *(apparently it wasnt!!!) 😦 portion of the syllabus for an exam, that small insignificant portion will amount to significant proportions in the paper!!! 😦

There it is….naked and bare… my life is ruled not by gravitational laws *( well..atleast my imaginations fly!!!) 😛 but is controlled by Murphy’s laws!!!